How to save on your Swiggy Food order ?

Who doesn’t love Swiggy? Startups make life easy, every request in return, and we can vouch for that. The application has more than 1,95,000 restaurants available locally and receives around 2 million orders daily. This tells us that we are in good company in our love for Him.

Save on Swiggy

About Swiggy

Swiggy’s Interesting Features

1. Best Safety Guidelines

Swiggy urges cafes to follow best health guidelines. These include normal temperature checks, disinfection at regular intervals, use of covers and secure bundling. Restaurants that strictly adhere to this are referred to as ‘Best Health’ on the app. Consumers concerned about wellness may simply identify that Restaurant and request special attention.

2. Swiggy SUPER

Its membership program, Swiggy Super, includes some significant discounting at Rs.149/month, which is almost $2. By following this program, customers get free shipping on all orders above Rs. 99. In addition, customers can also avoid late night overcharges and flood charges during rains. Similarly you get access to select coupons for 1 and 90 days and limits up to Rs. 49 and Rs. 129 separately.

3. Meat and Pet Care Stores

Basic items like meat and pet food can now be ordered from Swiggy. Just track your number one store, see their items and request. Compact conveyance and exceptionally negligible transport charges are USPs. If there is one problem, it is that meat shops and pet idea stores are not available in small urban communities.

4. Cloud Kitchens

You’ve probably tracked down restaurants on the app that don’t offer feasts. This is cloud kitchen. The brand pioneered the idea of ​​cloud kitchens a while back, wherein it helped brands essentially build kitchens to transport online. Although it did not have many borrowers, first and foremost, their interest declined during the lockdown. During this period, more than 200 existing eateries in different parts of the country built cloud kitchens with the help of Swiggy.

5. Swiggy Genie

We all have days when we just don’t want to step outside. We also have days when we cannot go out. What’s more, post-coronavirus, we mostly have days when we shouldn’t be outside. Swiggy Genie is today’s giveaway. Initially called ‘Swiggy Go’, Genie makes your life easier in two ways: one, it picks up and drops things off for you; And two, it buys supplies for you from nearby stores.

6. Health Hub

Swiggy’s new element, Health Hub, is the talk of the town right now. If you are well versed then two things should be very important for you. One, how much carb, protein or fat is in my food? And two, does it meet my health goals? These concerns are dealt with at the Wellness Center. All the recipes under the Wellbeing Center have their own health benefits. This will make your decision easier than other times. On the other hand, you can also choose your fitness goals and Swiggy will show you the recipes that best suit you.

Ordering the Cheapest Food Online – Saving Tips

For the food delivery stage, range and offers are their biggest avenues of struggle. Then, as a major food-tech startup, it’s not unexpected that Swiggy has offers that are unrealistic. Anyone paying attention to the proposals will tell you that the food delivery organization has its own dog in the fight.

Let’s look at some of the coupons available for new or first-time customers.

Swiggy New User Coupons

Swiggy Offer Coupons Offer Details
60% OFF on Food Orders DEAL60 Orders above Rs. 149
Flat 60% OFF On First Order WELCOME60 Code is Not for Dominos orders
50% OFF On 1st 5 Orders WELCOME50 Save Up To Rs 100/Order
50% OFF On First Order HSBCNEW HSBC Credit or Debit Card Payment Offer
25% OFF with Ujjivan SF Bank Debit Cards UJJIVAN100 Can be used once per month
Flat 20% OFF on HSBC Credit Cards HSBC20 Minimum order value should be Rs. 400
Flat 40% Off with Fincare SFB Debit Cards FINCARE150 Maximum discount of Rs. 150 could be availed
Swiggy SUPER Membership Program No code required FREE Delivery + Exclusive Offers for Existing Users
60% OFF Select Restaurants SWIGGY60 60% Off on select food orders

You can visit the dedicated page of for Swiggy Coupons & Deals for item list. Many coupons are also available for old customers.

Swiggy Old User Coupons

Swiggy Offer Coupons Offer Details
60% OFF On Food DEAL60 Maximum Discount Rs. 120
50% OFF + Extra 10% Cashback with Amazon Pay SWIGGYIT Rs. 100 Maximum Savings
60% OFF in Select Restaurants SWIGGY60 Order Value above Rs 99
25% Discount On Axis Bank Delight Debit Cards 150AXIS 3 times Per User/Month
Flat 50% OFF SWIGGY50 Minimum Order Value required


Which is better, Swiggy or Zomato?

Both Swiggy and Zomato have different roadmaps. The focus for Swiggy is logistics. In this endeavour, it has acquired Mumbai-based Scooty Logistics and milk delivery startup Superdaily. Whereas Zomato’s focus is on food. The Zomato app provides foodies with food options, restaurant reviews, menus and much more. So, while it is doing a lot in terms of delivery, Zomato is doing a lot in terms of food. Swiggy is the leader in terms of daily orders. It has 1.5m orders per day as opposed to Zomato’s 1.2m. On the other hand, in terms of downloads, Zomato has 100m+ downloads, as opposed to Swiggy’s 50m+.

Why is Swiggy successful?

Before Swiggy, food-tech apps used to outsource their delivery. On the other hand, it built its extensive logistics network from scratch. Its intense focus on customer experience is one of the main reasons for its success. According to Mukul Arora, partner at SAIF Partners, “They are really obsessed with the customers.”

How does Swiggy make money?

The company follows a seven-stream revenue model. It earns money in the following ways:

  • By commission paid by the restaurant
  • By promoting the restaurant on the app
  • By delivery charges and additional costs
  • Via Swiggy Super Membership Fee
  • By Swiggy Genie
  • By providing a ready-to-use space for the cloud kitchen
  • Through affiliate earnings from featured banks, wallets etc.


  • 2013 – BITS Pilani graduates Nandan Reddy and Sriharsha Majeti created a website bundle to help with courier delivery
  • 2014 – They see potential in hyperlocal delivery and discontinue bundles for the time being
  • 2014 – Along with IIT alumni, Rahul Jaimini, he co-founded Swiggy and the parent company is named Bundl Technologies.
  • 2015 – Swiggy receives first round of funding of $2 million from Accel and SAIF Partners

The company’s valuation increased to $3.6 billion in April 2020 following a series of funding rounds. But the road was not always so easy. In 2016, its losses widened 65-fold and most of its competitors closed shop. Dazo and Eatlo ceased operations; Grofers buys Spoonjoy; TinyOwl was merged into Roadrunner and Ola Cafe also saw the end of its days. But Swiggy has got to claim what none of its competitors have: excellent logistics performance.

Before Swiggy, food-tech startups like Zomato, TinyOwl and Foodpanda focused only on the tech side. They left delivery to the restaurants or outsourced it to third-party logistics providers. On the other hand, the company had made its focus clear from the beginning: it would build its own logistics network. The brand is receiving an investment of $450 million which recently closed. This will further increase its presence in India.

“They are really customer-obsessed,” says Mukul Arora, partner at SAIF Partners. They were able to understand that the delivery experience is broken in the food delivery market. Sharp focus on customer experience has become its biggest strength and has become the fastest startup to become a unicorn in less than four years.

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